Friday, October 22, 2010

Mr. Puddles!

A pet turtle is a new addition to the art room this year.  A “naming contest” was initiated at the start of the school year.  A few hundred name suggestions where crammed into a box by K-4th grade students.  Their where many creative names that where given to the turtle.  Some of the more creative names include: Art Man, Shelldon, Swimmerson, and Mr. Proctor Jr.  From all the names given I chose Emma Dykrop’s suggestion of Mr. Puddles.  Here is Emma Dyrkop from Mrs. Tibben’s 4th grade classroom receiving her certificate of naming.  Mr. Puddles is a 2-year old male red-eared slider that enjoys taking long swims by the beach and eating an occasional rock or two. 


  1. Click on the pencil below a post if you would like to comment. I noticed that the colors in this photo are mostly neutral. The neutral colors are black, gray, white, and brown.

  2. That is cute, I'm glad that you teach some form of free thinking lol